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So much better than a normal rug...

Super Soft 

Perfect to play on for kids... or adults. The feeling is one of cosy and safe. Card games are a must on this mat

Ultra Light Weight 

So light and transportable, you can easily move it from room to room. 

Easy to Clean 

Just wipe off or vacuum food and crumbs. Treat it just like your fabric couch

Non Slip Bottom 

The branded non slip bottom means it wont move around, whatever surface you put it on. 

Sound Dampening

Want to reduce noise from your hard floors and walls? The Mellow Mat will absorb the sound to make your area much more quiet.

Play mat or Designer Piece?

  • Perfect for any kids or adult space - it saves them from those harsh hard floor knocks
  • Kids love them to build the ultimate cubby and play games!
  • Enjoy total comfort when sitting on the floor.
  • They provide that sensory mat feedback so many of us crave. 
  • Most baby play mats are solid plastic and usually don't match your home decor. The Mellow Mat solves this problem.  


3 sizes you can choose from 
Sizes: 1.52x2.03m, 2x3m & 2x4m 
** Do not use on floors sealed with acrylic based sealers. 

Accessories: If you want an even thicker, comfier Mellow Mat experience, take a look at our Mellow Underlay making the total thickness 55mm.



The Mellow Mat® Linen Range can be easily wiped immediately if any spill occurs. If necessary, it can be vacuumed, spot cleaned, steam cleaned and even hosed off. The mat shoud dry with in a sunny day. *we do not recommend shoes on the Linen range to maintain it's pristine appearance. 

**Please steam to magically puff to full size and remove creases in an instant.
**If using an iron to steam, please place a tea towel in between the Mellow Mat and the iron to avoid burning. 


Even with our best intentions to showcase precise images reflecting each product's colour and design, it's important to note that slight variations may occur. Factors like varying device screen settings, lighting conditions in your space, minor changes in product finishes over time, and other variables can contribute to these differences. Please understand that Neptune cannot be held accountable for any disparities in colour or design that aren't due to factory defects. By making a purchase from Neptune, you acknowledge and accept the possibility of minor distinctions between the actual colour and design of the product and its portrayal on our website. Your understanding of this small possibility is greatly appreciated.

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