Collection: Neptune Blanket Supports the Australian Childhood Foundation

Neptune Blanket Supports the Australian Childhood Foundation

July’s Neptune Project was one close to our hearts as we lent our support to the wonderful Australian Childhood Foundation. Founded in 1986, ACF is a non-profit organisation that provides support and advocacy for children affected by child abuse through a range of wide-reaching programs. 

Offering specialist services for children exposed to physical, sexual and emotional abuse, as well as neglect, the Australian Childhood Foundation is committed to helping children reclaim their lost childhoods. With 252,962 reports of child abuse across Australia last year alone (nearly one every two minutes), they have an incredibly challenging task at hand and need your support.

ACF Services

The ACF exists to help prevent child abuse and reduce the harm it causes children, families and the community at large. Through its services, the ACF works tirelessly to help children in trauma regain their trust and self-confidence, form positive relationships and escape the cycle of abuse.

The Foundation’s services include:

  • Specialist trauma counselling: to help children make sense of their experiences, grieve in a safe environment and understand they are not to blame.
  • Therapeutic care programs: the ACF pilots new ways of delivering out-of-home care that responds more effectively to children’s needs.
  • Advocacy for children: the ACF gives a public voice to unheard children.
  • Training and education programs: the ACF provides training to professionals in the health, welfare, education and justice systems, as well as out-of-home carers including foster carers. Training is delivered to over 6000 individuals each year.
  • Child abuse prevention programs: the Australian Childhood Foundation runs nationally-recognised child abuse prevention programs that keep the topic at the forefront of community thinking. 
  • Inspiring and supporting parents: The Australian Childhood Foundation's parenting programs aim to inspire, educate and support parents, strengthening their confidence and helping them reconnect with their children.
  • Research: In 2007 the ACF established Child Abuse Research Australia (CAPRA) in partnership with Monash University. CAPRA research informs how the Foundation works towards helping traumatised children heal.

And it appears their hard work is paying off, with 94% of children involved with the Foundation experiencing a significant reduction in their trauma symptoms within 12 months.

How to help the ACF support children impacted by abuse

As an independent, non-profit organisation the Australian Childhood Foundation relies on community support, both financial and otherwise, to help keep our children safe. Last month, we lent our support by donating six Neptune Blankets for traumatised children. Applying hug-like pressure, weighted blankets can help alleviate anxiety and assist with mood regulation and sleep.

To find out more about the great work done by the Australian Childhood Foundation, and to look into ways to show your support, visit


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